Long Way


Rock And Roll Production Sp. z o.o.


Weronika Mliczewska


Sebastian Cort


Marcin Kot Bastkowski


Monika Jakutowicz

The filmmaker embarks on a journey to India to find a woman she met six years earlier in Israel by the Jordan River. She doesn't know her name, where she's from; the only clues she has are a photo taken by the woman and a rosary she was given as the most important thing she had with her. Through her irrational decision to travel to the most populous country in the world, the director, Weronika, seeks to understand what spiritual connection exists between strangers and to test what happens when we cross boundaries, which is inherently impossible. Her journey is a journey into herself through encounters with random people. Ridiculed, torn by doubt, yet also driven by strong inner conviction, the film shows what is not visible in everyday life. At some point, unexpected things start happening, and the journey takes an unexpected turn.

Our contribution

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