Colour grading and colour correction are at the heart of the New wale Film studio. Each film project, a commercial ad, film series, feature film or documentary requires all film artists to work together, to merge their visions and in result to tell unique story to the viewers. The cinematic image is the product of joining their forces and it is where visions and imargination of the DOP, the Director and Colour grading artist finally meet.

We take individual approach at every film project, since every story is unique.. Our colour grading journey start already at the camera tests stage, when we propose different technologies and artistic approach.  We think, that visualising an idea builds understanding between the artists, and that’s why we suggest colour grading sessions at the pre-production stage. This lets the film creators to picture their ideas of the colour they want to achieve and together work out the visual language of the film.

The specific “look” created this way allows the set designer, the costume designer and make-up artist work in a more comfortable way and it is also used during the image postproduction; when preparing LUT’s to be used on the film set and dailies preparation or as starting point in the colour grading stage.

Our facilities include a very modern, calibrated movie theatre with the largest among currently offered 65″ 4K reference monitor.

Wether we join your project at the pre-production or postproduction stage we alway strive for best co-operation and looking for creative solutions, so every little detail is polished and each frame is as beautiful as it may be.